Join millions of successful dieters who have reached their weight-loss goals with this effective program.

We are a boutique weight loss service giving you personal guidance and making our famous products and supplements available to you.

Our services are all geared to help you lose weight. We sell the best meal-replacement bars and shakes on the market in addition to water=enhancer and starch-blockers which help melt cellulite and fat. We try to make losing weight as easy as possible with our meal replacements and offer low calorie recipes. Restaurants are easy and you can eat out every night if you choose.

Instant Shape Up

Diet Center's revolutionary Instant Shape Up Plan makes it simple to take control of your diet - anywhere, anytime! This convenient meal replacement plan has recently been reformulated to be lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and offers a versatile solution to the problem of staying on your diet program - whether you're too busy to plan meals, have reached a plateau in your weight loss program, have lapsed into poor eating habits, or just want a boost to start losing those pounds and inches again.

Diet Fast

Our Diet Fast bars and shakes help burn fat, control hunger and support your metabolism. Our Diet Fast shakes
can also be made as a pudding and contain 26 vitamins and minerals, 15 grams of protein and contain only 100 calories!

Thermogenic Protein

Our Thermogenic protein bars have special ingredients that help support fat burning and appetite control.
They are meal replacement bars. Our Thermogenic water Enhancer is a powerful liquid enhancing concentrate!
Just add one pouch and it turns your water into a fat burning tool.
Diet Center of Rye- Committed to helping you win at losing!
The Diet Center of Rye is the premier provider of outstanding weight loss programs Westchester County clients count on to help them shed of the excess weight, allowing them to look and feel their best!

Located at 135 Purchase Street Rye, NY 10580 (across the street from the Rye railroad station), we serve the needs of men and women from Greenwich, Westchester County, and other neighboring areas in Connecticut and New York in need of effective, personalized diet counseling and guidance, we are committed to helping each and every one of our customers get the optimal results they want.

With over 25 years of tried, tested, and proven service in the weight loss industry, we know what it takes to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in terms of your health and weight loss objectives. We use our wealth of knowledge and experience in providing exceptional customized weight loss programs Greenwich CT clients rely on to get them back on the right track.

We are committed to helping our clients change their lives for the better through outstanding personalized weight loss diet programs and one on one counseling. We also offer outstanding diet products that help our clients speed up their results. We are here to provide you with the help you need to shed off the unwanted weight, and keep it of for good.

So, if you're looking for the trusted diet center Westchester County clients rely on, please call us at 914-967-9462 or email us at  today!

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